This page lays out a series of themes that I explore in my writing and research. There are links to a few articles or posts that I have written in a selection of these areas. This list is a work in progress.

Personal Finance and Investing / General

The evolution of personal finance

A few lessons from my 20 years in finance

The Retirement Portfolio Showdown: Jeremy Siegel v. Zvi Bodie (2009)

Work and Financial Independence

Instead of FIRE, consider this

Thoughts on the Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE) movement

An optimist’s view of the future of work

Emerging features of work

Rethinking earnings and consumption through life

When early retirement doesn’t work out

Environmental Issues

The problem with carbon credits

Voting with our dollars

Financial and environmental sustainability

Common sense on climate change

Climate policy, economics, and ethics

Retirement Saving and Pensions

Fixing U.S. retirement plans

Misleading statistics on the retirement crisis

Rethinking earnings and consumption through life

Misleading Statistics

Misleading statistics (intro to the series)

Misleading statistics on the retirement crisis

Misleading statistics on the economic value of college

Misleading statistics on unemployment

Misleading statistics on college debt forgiveness

Is it useful to discuss the ‘average American’?

Quantitative Finance

Options pricing models

Options-based outlook for the U.S. stock market – April 2019

Attractiveness of hedging the S&P 500 in current conditions– May 2019

Dividend investing

Why dividends matter: a review of recent research (2014)

Understanding the controversy over dividend-based investing (2014)

Low beta investing

The Greatest Anomaly in Finance (2012)

Value vs. growth & P/E ratio

Do stock valuations matter anymore?

Are stocks too expensive to be attractive?

Under-performance of value investing

Is it finally time to bet on value again?

Safe withdrawal rates in retirement

The power of diversification and safe withdrawal rates (2013)