I provide professional services focusing on analytics and content development

Content Development

I have a specialty explaining financial and statistical concepts to diverse audiences. I have written content for C-suite audiences, money managers, individual investors, and policymakers. Statistical representations of risk, for example, can be hard for non-specialist audiences to grasp. I develop tailored approaches to explaining quantitative metrics and strategies and how they are used.

I have written content and presentations for internal company use, as well as writing extensively for digital channels. I publish regularly at Seeking Alpha, for example, where I am building a following for the use of quantitative methods for building stock outlooks. I have also written on a range of topics for Advisor Perspectives, an online publication that services investment advisors.

Analytics Development

I have led or collaborated in the development of a wide range of analytical tools. In some cases, these tools are used in-house. In others, the tools are developed into software products. Thanks to the breadth of my professional experience, I am skilled at determining the types of models or techniques that are likely to be effective for an application. I have spent many years on model validations and testing and I am expert in determining the pitfalls along the way. I can rapidly generate prototypes for models, working solo or as part of a team.

Much of my model development experience in recent years is in fintech (financial technology). Along with model development and testing, I have expertise in writing functional requirements for software products and working with development teams to build and test in an Agile framework.

I also develop, test, and implement a range of quantitative models in-house. I am interested in collaborating with teams that that may interest in using these models.

The following are some of the modeling / analysis methods in which I have expertise:

  1. Portfolio simulation / risk management
  2. Econometrics / time series modeling
  3. Option pricing theory
  4. Monte Carlo simulation
  5. Regression modeling
  6. Non-parametric / nonlinear data exploration
  7. Factor analysis ( Fama-French and later variants, including quality factor, low-beta factor, etc.)

Please contact me for more information on services and availability: / 303-520-3724